About Us

zoobop is a unique app that reads brands for you. It gives the global shopper information in seconds in order to make the right choice when buying personal care products. Its a first of its kind, made super easy and interactive for a quick and informative shopping purchase.

With thousands of global brands added to our app & website, users will be able to use the app anywhere in the world. We are initiating the app from India, and would soon be launching in the US, UK, the EU, Australia & Japan.

About the founder
With problems of environment and disease we need to be more and more aware of what we use on ourselves. I created zoobop to help people like myself know better & shop easier. Recently on a trip to France, I was going nuts trying to find a cruelty free lotion in the supermarket that wasn't loaded with chemicals. I had to open several sites to gather some basic information.
zoobop will be a one stop shop.
Once you bop a product our meter will give you all the information you need on that brand. We have made the app super easy, giving you a bunch of information, and the choice to use as little or as much as you want.

While working on the app, I came across herbal brands that are using less than 10% herbal ingredients in their products. Brands which choose not to give you a clear picture on their ingredients and reveal only key ingredients on their packaging. Some that label themselves organic without having no such certification. And then some that claim to be cruelty free, but have no qualms in selling to China where testing is mandatory by law.

zoobop gathers all this information in a simple easy to use app for you.

I would be happy to have your suggestions as we launch our 1st phase and get ready for part 2.


Sonali Purewal & team zoobop